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Brazil to export bovine embryos to Colombia

Sales were made possible after the two countries updated the

Publicado em 28/12/2017 - 11:04

Por Olga Bardawil* reports from Agência Brasil Brasília


Brazil is to export bovine in-vitro embryos to Colombia.Agência Brasil/USP

Brazil is to export bovine in-vitro embryos to Colombia under a deal signed last week by Brazil's Animal Health Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Colombian Agricultural Institute. Judi Nóbrega, coordinator for traffic and animal quarantine at the ministry, reports that the International Veterinary Certificate, signed by the two countries, has been updated to serve Brazilian and Colombian producers.

Nóbrega notes that there had been no agreement between South American countries for the trade of bovine in-vitro embryos up to August 2016, despite the significant interest in the sector. “We favored talks with this region, and sanitary deals with veterinary services in Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Argentina have been inked since then,” she said.

She also notes that the expansion of agreements for the export of bovine in-vitro embryos has been made possible by “the global acknowledgment of the outstanding sanitary condition of Brazil's cattle, as well as the high level of technology at collection centers and of the processing of bovine genetic material registered with the ministry.”

Judi Nóbrega argues that this expansion was brought about by the partnership between the Animal Health Department and agencies in the Brazilian production sector, like the Agriculture and Livestock Confederation of Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Zebu Raisers, Brazilian Artificial Insemination Association (ASBIA), and the Brazilian Society for Embryo Technology (SBTE).

*Information was also provided by the communication office at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Translated by Fabrício Ferreira

Fonte: Brazil to export bovine embryos to Colombia
Edição: Graça Adjuto / Nira Foster