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Dollar inflow in Brazil beats outflow

The surplus stood at $14.394 billion last month

Publicado em 09/05/2018 - 17:20

Por Kelly Oliveira Brasília

The amount of dollars coming into the country surpassed that of dollar leaving, the country’s Central Bank reported Wednesday (May 9). Last month, the positive balance stood at $14.394 billion. In the first three business days in May, the figure also remained positive—$283 million, compared to $17.347 year-to-date.

In April, the financial flow—including investment in bonds, profit and dividends remittances overseas and foreign direct investment, among others—stood at a positive $6.756 billion, whereas the commercial flow—exchange operations for exports and imports—saw a surplus of $7.638 billion.

From the beginning of 2018 to last week, the financial flow posted a net outflow—inflow deducted—of $3.645. In this period, the trade flow was positive at $20.991 billion.

Tradução: Fabrício Ferreira Edição: Juliana Andrade / Mariana Branco