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Embraer receives “firm order” for 15 jets from American Airlines

The contract totals $705 million

Published in 05/11/2018 - 20:22

By Camila Maciel São Paulo

Brazilian airplane maker Embraer announced today (Nov. 5) it received a “firm order” from American Airlines for 15 E175 jets, with 76 seats. The contract totals $705 million and will be included in Embraer’s order portfolio for the fourth quarter of 2018. Deliveries will start in 2020. If all previous contracts with the same aircraft model are considered, the American firm has ordered a total of 104 E175 jets since 2013.

The Brazilian company reported that American Airlines chose its Envoy subsidiary to operate the 15 planes. Twelve seats will be first class, and 64 economic. “The new order shows the value carriers are still placing on our successful E175,” said Charlie Hills, Embraer’s director for Marketing and Sales in North America.

Including this contract, over 435 E175 jets are reported to have been sold in North America since January 2013—which accounts for over 80 percent of the total orders for jets with up to 76 seats.

Merger with Boeing

Embraer and Boeing announced a deal in July this year under which the US company would keep 80 percent of Embraer’s commercial aviation sector. The Brazilian government, which controls a special, golden share in the Brazilian firm, privatized in 1994, can stop the move. In a press conference last week, President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro said he will consider the agreement.

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