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Brazilian students to go to the US for three-week exchange program

  • 09/01/2018 17h18publicação
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Débora Brito - Reports from Agência Brasil


Brasília - Jovens Embaixadores conhecem a Torre de TV, em Brasília (Divulgação/Missão dos EUA no Brasil/Todos os Direitos Reservados)

The participants of this year's edition were chosen in 2017 and board to Washington this Friday Missão dos Estados Unidos no Brasil/Direitos Reservados

Fifty high school students from Brazilian public schools prepare to take part in a three-week exchange program in the United States. They were selected for Youth Ambassadors, a program by the US Embassy in Brazil, in a partnership with the National Council of State Education Departments. The program aims at taking disadvantaged students who stand out in their communities to live a cultural and academic experience in the United States. 

The participants of this year's edition were chosen in 2017 and board to Washington this Friday (Dec.12). Some activities are already taking place in Brasília, Brazil's capital, though. The students arrived in the city this morning and will take part, during the week, in workshops with visa orientation and other information. They will also visit some of Brasília's tourist spots.

The students stay in the United States until Feb. 4 and will visit the main monuments and public buildings of Washington. They will attend workshops on youth leadership and protagonism, get to know social projects, engage in the distribution of donations and make presentations about Brazilian culture to north-american public school students.

One of the selected is 17-year-old Myriam Suelen da Silva Wanderley. Myriam lives in Benevides, a town in the state of Pará, north of Brazil. This will be the first time she travels abroad. Myriam is part of a group of young activists engaged in actions to increase  environmental awareness. She is also the environment director in the student's association of her school.

“I applied for the program because I wanted to live an international experience, learn about the culture of the United States and, meanwhile, learn about volunteering and leadership”, she said.


Translated by Mariana Branco

Edited by: Denise Griesinger/Mariana Branco