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Human error main hypothesis for death of Supreme Court Justice

Teori Zavascki was overseeing the Operation Car Wash lawsuits and died

Published in 10/01/2018 - 20:25

By Felipe Pontes reports from Agência Brasil Brasília

Rio de Janeiro - Destroços da aeronave que caiu no mar de Paraty e matou o ministro do STF Teori Zavascki e mais quatro pessoas em 19 de janeiro de 2017 (Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil)

The main hypothesis is there was human error during the aircraft's approach maneuver to land on the runway.Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil

Human error is the main line of investigation into the death of Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Teori Zavascki, according to a partial report on the findings. The head of Brazil's Federal Police, Fernando Segovia, met today (Dec. 10) with the Supreme Court Chief of Justice, Cármen Lúcia.

Teori Zavascki died a year ago on a plane crash in Paraty, south coast of Rio de Janeiro. Zavascki was overseeing the lawsuits of Operation Car Wash, a major nationwide inquiry into bribes at state oil giant Petrobras.

According to federal marshal Rubens Maleiner, in charge of the case, the main hypothesis is there was human error during the aircraft's approach maneuver to land on the runway. “This is the main line”, he said. Maleiner says analyses indicate there was no sabotage of the aircraft.

“The possibility of a deliberate act against that flight was thouroughly explored, with several analyses run by experts, and no evidence was found. On the contrary, the evidence so far points to an unintentional, tragic upshot of that flight, unfortunately”, said Maleine, who took part in the an-hour-and-a-half meeting with Cármen Lúcia. 

Maleiner said there is not a deadline for closing the investigation, but he advanced that the end of the work is near. Three investigations into the death of Teori Zavascki have been open, by Brazilian Air Force, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Police. None has been concluded so far.


Translated by Mariana Branco 

Edition: Fernando Fraga/Mariana Branco

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