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Police investigate third person said to be involved in Suzano shooting

A video shows a young man next to the shooters

Published in 15/03/2019 - 19:07

By Bruno Bocchini São Paulo

The Brazilian police are investigating the participation of a third person, aged 17, in the organization of the attack at the Raul Brasil State School, in Suzano. This suspect was a class mate of shooter Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, also 17, and is believed to have helped plan the crime. He was in Suzano when the shooting took place, but he did not go to the school, the police reported.

Tiroteio na Escola Estadual Professor Raul Brasil, em Suzano, a 57 quilômetros de São Paulo, deixou mortos e feridos. Segundo a Polícia Militar, dois jovens armados e encapuzados invadiram o colégio e disparam contra os alunos.
The police has brought under scrutiny a video in which a third person appears next to the two killers - Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil


The youth has been heard by the police, who asked the authorities from the Juvenile Court to have him under custody. No answer has been given yet.

The police has brought under scrutiny a video in which a third person appears next to the two killers days after they rented the car used in the attack. The rental was paid for with a credit card.

People acquainted with the shooters told the police they had heard mentions of the Columbine case, in the US, which left 13 dead and 24 injured in 1999. “Whoever heard them talk about it either did not take it seriously or was scared,” said Police Commissioner Ruy Ferraz Pontes.

The commissioner also said that it is “presumed” that one of the gunmen shot the other, then killed himself. The conclusion about the killings still depends on further information to be disclosed by the police.

Pontes also declared that there is not enough evidence that access to the deep web (websites not indexed by search engine, often with illegal content) was decisive in the attack.

Pontes also reported it is not yet clear whether the death of Jorge Antonio de Moraes, Guilherme’s uncle, was motivated by vengeance, as the uncle hired the young man to work in his company, but had to fire him after petty thefts.

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira Edition: Sabrina Craide / José Romildo

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