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Brazil exporters want closer ties with China

  • 10/08/2017 16h38publicação
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Agência Brasil

Rio de Janeiro - O presidente da Apex-Brasil, Roberto Jaguaribe, fala na cerimônia de abertura da Casa Brasil no Pier Mauá, na zona portuária do Rio (Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil)

Roberto Jaguaribe, head of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex Brasil)Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil

Brazil wants to expand its exports to China, the country that accounts for 25% of the growth in international trade of the last 17 years. Roberto Jaguaribe, head of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex Brasil), argued that the Chinese market will remain strategic for the internationalization of Brazilian companies.

“China has demand for Brazil in terms of production, because it will never be a self-sufficient country. And we're well-equipped to seize this opportunity. The world's protectionist trend makes the need for the internationalization of Brazilian companies more and more evident. And China may be instrumental to facilitate this process,” Jarguaribe said. While speaking ath the 36th edition of the National Foreign Trade Meeting (ENAEX), promoted by the Foreign Trade Association of Brazil, Jaguaribe mentioned the importance of reducing costs to facilitate Brazil's integration with the international market.

“The Brazil Cost is a key factor in the assessment of commercial performance. The aspects that come into play are being attacked piecemeal. Important steps are being taken in this direction and Apex has contributed to this process.”

ENAEX is the most important forum in the sector, and brings together representatives from across the business chain of global trade to discuss their chief issues concerning the sector, thus boosting the competitiveness of Brazilian products.

Translated by Fabrício Ferreira

Edited by: Olga Bardawil