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Justice minister: arming population to reduce violence is a mistake

Replying to internet users on Facebook, José Eduardo Cardoso pointed

Published in 27/08/2015 - 18:54

By Vinícius Lisboa reports from Agência Brasil Rio de Janeiro

O ministro da Justiça, José Eduardo Cardozo, publica no Facebook, resposta a um internauta que participou, enviando uma pergunta pelo Dialoga Brasil (Naiara Pontes/SG - Divulgação)

"Yes, it's me. After all, it would be outrageous if the minister were involved in swindling [laughs]", Cardozo posted. lNaiara Pontes/SG - Divulgação

As part of the federal government's program Dialoga Brasil, Justice Minister José Eduardo Cardozo replied on Thursday (Aug. 27) to questions posed by internet users on Facebook. In one of his answers, about a possible revocation of the Disarmament Statute, Cardozo said "it's a mistake, as studies on public security have revealed, to claim that crimes and violence will be reduced with an armed population." And he highlighted: "Guns are not a tool of defense, but of attack. When you try to defend yourself using a gun, you can't usually restrain violence, and you may become a victim," mentioned the minister. "Therefore, I am absolutely convinced by scientific studies that instead of arming people, it is essential to disarm the population in order to fight against violence."

Cardozo went on to cite other risks of carrying guns. "People with no criminal records commit violent crimes on a whim—kill their wives, husbands, children or others. It's also known that guns are stolen from citizens who don't commit crimes and they may serve to perpetrate violent acts. In addition, it's known that kids get their parents' guns, and they hurt and even kill themselves."

The minister further declared that misconceptions are spread by industry lobbies interested in expanding their markets. They "aim to make profit at the expense of another human being's life."

Another question concerned the information leaked under Operation Car Wash. Cardozo noted that "it is not the minister's responsibility to advise the federal police about who should or could be investigated." Cardozo explained, however, that the minister must order the launch of an investigation "whenever there is evidence of a police officer committing an illegal act or abusing power".

"We've started inquiries into disciplinary procedures related to illegal leaks and other arbitrary acts that may have occurred during investigations. That's the attitude I believe to be right and the one I will adopt as justice minister for as long as I'm in charge of the ministry," he noted.

When questioned by an internet user if it was the minister himself addressing the questions,  Dialoga Brasil page posted a picture of Cardozo in front of a computer.

"Yes, it's me. After all, it would be outrageous if the minister were involved in swindling [laughs]", he posted.

Translated by Amarílis Anchieta

Fonte: Justice minister: arming population to reduce violence is a mistake
Edition: Armando Cardoso / Olga Bardawil

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