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Senate head says pension reform will make Brazil grow

  • 16/03/2017 16h51publicação
  • Brasílialocalização
Débora Brito reports from Agência Brasil

O presidente do Senado, Eunício Oliveira, e o presidente Michel Temer durante jantar com a bancada do PMDB do Senado (Alan Santos/PR)Michel Temer and Eunício Oliveira talked about the pension and labor reforms during a dinner with representatives from the PMDB in the Senate.. Alan Santos/PR

Eunício Oliveira, president of the Brazilian Senate, said that the role of Congress is to approve the pension and labor reforms brought forward by the government to help Brazil grow. The statement was made Thursday (Mar. 16), after the first PMDB (Brazilian Democratic Movement Party) meeting in the Senate with President Michel Temer, held in the evening yesterday (15) in Brasília.

Eunício Oliveira said that Temer talked to congress members about the reforms, calling their attention to the need for maintaining the response from the economy and resume employment generation. “We talked a little about the overhauls along those lines, about our duty in Congress to help Brazil include these 13 million Brazilians that our outside the labor market,” he said.

Translated by Fabrício Ferreira

Edited by: Kleber Sampaio / José Romildo