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Lula tells judge that Palocci lied to get perks from authorities

  • 13/09/2017 19h58publicação
  • Brasílialocalização
Luciano Nascimento reports from Agência Brasil

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

In a statement made today (Sep. 13), former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said in a testimony to Federal Judge Sergio Moro, in Curitiba, that former Finance Minister Antonio Palocci, who served during his administration, lied in his statement to enjoy the benefits of a plea bargain deal, and added he went as far as to feel sorry for the ex cabinet member. The former president described Palocci's as “worthy of a movie.”

“If he weren't a human being, Palocci would be a simulator. Palocci is so clever that he's capable of simulating a lie more truthfully than truth itself. He's a doctor, coolly calculating. Nothing is true. The only thing truthful in him is, he says he's agreed to the plea bargain deal because he wants the benefits of the agreement, or maybe some of the money he had frozen by you,” Lula said.

The former president is answering charges of corruption and money laundering. According to the allegations, construction giant Odebrecht bought a plot of land for the construction of new headquarters for the Lula Institute, and Odebrecht is said to have paid $4 million for the land, but the project never left the paper. The firm is also believed to have bought a apartment next door to Lula's home, in São Bernardo do Campo.

Last week, Palocci told Moro that Lula had made a “blood pact” with Emílio Odebrecht, and that the “package of bribes” included a total of  for $95 million for “political activities” by the ex-president.

Lula's testimony lasted about two hours.

Translated by Fabrício Ferreira

Edited by: Fernando Fraga / Olga Bardawil