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Rapporteur for case against Michel Temer asks committee to reject charges

Temer and ministers Eliseu Padilha (Chief of Staff) and Moreira Franco

Publicado em 10/10/2017 - 18:56

Por Karine Melo - Reports from Agência Brasil Brasília

The rapporteur for the case against president Michel Temer in a special lower house committee asked lawmakers to reject the charges filed by the Attorney General's Office.

Temer and ministers Eliseu Padilha (Chief of Staff) and Moreira Franco (General Secretariat) were charged with racketeering. The Brazilian president was also charged with obstruction of justice.

According to the rapporteur, deputy Bonifácio de Andrada, the case information is based on “a fraudulent plea bargain, without credibility, there being no reasonable grounds for the charges to move to the Supreme Court.”

Andrada's report also fiercely criticized the Public Prosecution Office and the Federal Police. He believes there is a “balance disturbance between the powers.”

Independently of the rappourteur's recommendation and of the special committee's judgment, the final decision on the case is to be made in a full house deliberation, when the vote of 342 lawmakers will be required to further the case.

Translated by Mariana Branco

Edição: Amanda Cieglinski/Mariana Branco