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On two years of his administration, Temer highlights economy

Inflation fell from 9.39% in March, 2016, to 2.58% in March, 2018

Published in 15/05/2018 - 15:55

By Yara Aquino Brasília

A document reviewing the two years of President Michel Temer’s government notes that, “after overcoming the worst economic recession in [Brazilian] history, [the country] has resumed its growth.” Temer took office in May, 2016.

Most noteworthy among the figures mentioned are the reduction in the inflation, the lower benchmark interest rate (Selic), the rise for the Bolsa Família conditional cash transfer program, the creation of jobs, and the agenda of reforms.


Michel Temer concede entrevista exclusiva para os veículos da EBC
Formal employment increased in March, 2018 as 56,161 job posts were created.- Marcos Corrêa /PR

The statistics show that the inflation plunged from 9.39% in March, 2016, to 2.68% in March, 2018. The Selic rate, in turn, currently reported at 6.%, is referred to as “the lowest in history.”

The increase in the Bolsa Família allowance and the elimination of its wait list are found on the first pages of the report. In the two years of Temer’s administration, its value was raised first by 12.5% in June, 2016, then by 5.6%—effective as of June.

Public security

The document also reports a reduction in crime following the public security intervention in Rio de Janeiro state. Figures compare the slide in the number of homicides in the Holy Week this year and that of 2017.

“Crimes are on the wane. A drop of nearly 50% in the cases of murder is observed in the comparison with the Holy Week in 2017,” the text reads. The creation of the Ministry of Public Security is also mentioned as an effort to fight violence.


As for jobs, the numbers listed come from the General Register of the Employed and Unemployed (Caged), and show that formal employment increased in March, 2018—56,161 job posts were created.


The labor and highschool overhauls, recurrently referred to by the president in his addresses, have also been included in the report. “The bold reforms brought forth in this period have modernized the law, created new paradigms for public administration, and brought about a favorable atmosphere to attract investors, create job openings, and boost income.”

The publication also talks about “the rebirth of Petrobras,” which improved its performance in 2017. The state-controlled oi giant posted losses adding up to $123.5 million, against the nearly $4.15 billion reported in 2016.

Throughout its 32 pages, the document presents figures on such topics as infrastructure, environment, electric energy, and public concessions.

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira Edition: Fernando Fraga / Mariana Branco

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