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Candidatos à Presidência Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) e Fernando Haddad (PT). Tânia Rêgo e Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil


Jair Bolsonaro, Fernando Haddad to compete in run-off vote

Brazilians went to the polls this Sunday

Published in 07/10/2018 - 22:45

By Agência Brasil Brasília

Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, of the Liberal Social Party (PSL), and Fernando Haddad, of the Workers’ Party (PT), will face each other in a second round of vote for the post of president of Brazil.

Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro garnered 46% of the votes, whereas Haddad, of the center-left party founded by former President Lula, received 29,2%. In absolute figures, Bolsonaro amassed 49.2 million votes, compared to Haddad’s 31.2 million. The vote started in the morning and ended at 5 pm local time this Sunday.

In Brazil, a candidate only wins in the first round if he/she manages to get at least 50% plus 1 vote of valid votes—i.e. blank and null ballots excluded. Otherwise the two most voted-for hopefuls face each other in a run-off, to be held on October 28.

Thirteen candidates took part in the presidential race in Brazil. In addition to Bolsonaro and Haddad, Ciro Gomes, of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT); Geraldo Alckmin, of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB); Marina Silva, of  the Sustainability Network (Rede); Henrique Meirelles, of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB); Álvaro Dias, of Podemos; Guilherme Boulos, of the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL); Cabo Daciolo, of Patriotas; José Maria Eymael, of Christian Democracy, and Vera Lúcia, of the Unified Workers’ Socialist Party (PSTU).

In these elections, Brazilians also chose state governors, deputies, and senators. According to official figures, 16,965 citizens vied for a position altogether. A total of 147 million Brazilians were eligible to vote, of whom 117.2 million went to the polls, or 79.68%.

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira Edition: Mariana Branco

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