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Brasília - Mães fazem mamaço na Estação do Metrô de Samambaia para superar o preconceito contra amamentar em público e incentivar a doação de leite materno (Elza Fiuza/Agência Brasil)

Brazil exports human milk bank model to Portuguese-speaking nations

Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries inaugurated the Technical Coordination for the Human Milk Network of Portuguese-speaking Countries, which will operate at the Executive Secretariat of the Brazilian Milk Bank Network, at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Fiocruz, in Ri

Bebida alcoólica

Study warns about alcohol consumption in Brazil

Alcohol consumption in Brazil is more alarming than the use of illicit substances, according to the 3rd National Survey on Drug Use by Brazilians, released by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, or Fiocruz.


USP launches platform for research into emerging diseases

The University of São Paulo (USP) launched the Pasteur–USP scientific platform at the Innovation Center in Western São Paulo on Thursday, through a deal signed by Pasteur Institute, in France, and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

Fiocruz cria aplicativo para monitorar animais silvestres, que podem ser vetores de doenças

New HIV medicine under development for children in Brazil

Children living with HIV in Brazil are to benefit from the introduction of a new medicine manufactured with groundbreaking technology.