Últimas notícias National Museum

O médico Luiz Cláudio Stawiarski doará uma coleção de mais de 2 mil espécimes de borboletas e outros insetos para o Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro.

Collector donates 2 thousand insects to Rio National Museum

Doctor Luiz Cláudio Stawiarski’s office has been taken over by insects. On the table, frames showcase a wide variety of spiders, beetles, and dragonflies. Another piece of furniture has drawers filled with butterflies and moths.

Incêndio no Museu Nacional, na Quinta da Boa Vista, que completa um mês amanhã (2)

German gov’t donates 190 thousand euros to National Museum

The National Museum, which was completely destroyed by a fire on November 2 in Rio de Janeiro, received Monday (Dec. 10) a sum of 180,800 euros as a donation from the German government. The amount will be used to recover items salvaged from the rubble.


Brazil gov’t creates agency to administer museums

On Monday (Sep. 10), Brazilian President Michel Temer signed two provisional presidential decrees on the administration of, and support for, museums.