Unexpected demand leads to website breakdown of Brazil Central Bank

Institution reports adjustment of service capacity

Published in 25/01/2022 - 12:54 By Pedro Peduzzi e Wellton Máximo - Repórteres da Agência Brasil - Brasília

The large number of accesses to Brazil Central Bank's website, registered on Monday evening (Jan. 24), led to an overload of a system recently created by the bank to help people identify whether they have any money deposited in their name, without their knowledge. This can occur, for example, in cases of refund of undue charges of fees. According to the bank, around BRL 8 billion ($ 1.4 billion dollars) are sitting in banks and other financial institutions, waiting to be withdrawn.

According to the Central Bank, “the System of Accounts Receivable has registered demand above expectations, but we are already adjusting the service capacity. There is, however, no prediction on the restoration of the site so far. According to reports we have received, the problem started on Monday (Jan. 24), after 8 pm", the bank's press office informed Agência Brasil.

The Central Bank has made available, since Monday (Jan. 24), a service through which citizens can check whether they have amounts receivable from financial institutions. This is a new service of the Registrato, the bank system that, until then, provided consultations only on debts (opened or settled), opening of bank accounts (active or inactive) and remittances of money abroad.



Translation: Mário Nunes -  Edition: Maria Claudia / Nira Foster

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