Female Paulista: São Paulo beat Corinthians to open advantage in the final

Tricolores win 1-0 and play for a draw this Wednesday (8)

Published in 04/12/2021 - 19:58 By Lincoln Chaves - Repórter da TV Brasil e da Rádio Nacional - São Paulo

São Paulo came out ahead of Corinthians in the decision of the São Paulo Women's Soccer Championship. This Saturday (4), the Sovereigns won the first game by 1-0, at Morumbi. Two-time state champions (1997 and 1999), Tricolor has the advantage of a draw in the return match, which will be this Wednesday (8), at 9 pm (Brasilia time), at Arena Barueri, with Corinthians command.

The decision brings together the teams with the best performance in the State. Corinthians reached the final undefeated, with 12 wins and one draw. São Paulo has also won 12 times, but suffered a defeat, precisely to Alvinegras, by 2-1, on August 19, at Parque São Jorge, for the second round of the first phase. The clash repeats the 2019 decision, won by Timão, who won at Morumbi (1-0) and Neo Química Arena (3-0). The Brabas were also champions last year, beating Ferroviaria, and are looking for a three-time title. In 2021, they already raised the cups for the Brazilian and Libertadores.

Despite the score not being changed, the first half at Morumbi was quite busy. São Paulo started better, betting on the speed of Naná and Micaelly on the sides and on also forward Gláucia doing the pivot and trying to break the marking lines. In the best tricolor chance, at 12 minutes, Naná crossed from the right and midfielder Jaqueline, almost in the small area, completed with the ball still in the air, close to the crossbar.

Initially cornered in the defense field, Corinthians, little by little, approached the São Paulo goal and started to command the offensive pressure. In the clearest opportunity, at 33, forward Vic Albuquerque submitted from the edge of the area, with strength, and goalkeeper Carla made a good save, palming for a corner.

On the way back from the break, São Paulo repeated the posture of the first stage. This time reaching the goal. On minute nine, Gláucia threw Micaelly into the area, behind Poliana. The attacker faced the defender's marking, cut to the right and opened the scoreboard. The second almost came out in the sequence, after a wrong exit by goalkeeper Kemelly. Gláucia recovered the ball at the entrance to the area, but it took time and was stopped when hitting.

Corinthians advanced the lines and tried to pressure São Paulo, but with difficulties to overcome the mark and giving space to counterattacks. Like in the 31st minute, when Gláucia and Kemelli split in the small area and the attacker sent it over. Timon hit the net at 43 with striker Gabi Portilho, after a corner kick by Andressinha, but the referee missed by also midfielder Gabi Zanotti in Carla, canceling the bid.

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Edition: Paula Laboissière

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