Book Biennial gathers large audiences again at Riocentro

Programming is closed by singer Lulu Santos

Published in 04/12/2021 - 18:57 By Cristina Índio do Brasil - Repórter da Agência Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

The second day of the 20th edition of the Bienal do Livro, installed in Riocentro and which will run until the 12th, ends today's program (4) with singer and composer Lulu Santos. With the mediation of journalist Marcelo Cosme, he will talk about his 40-year career and launch on stage at Estação Plural, his book Lulu em Traço & Verso , which brings together lyrics and musical figures from his greatest hits, illustrated by graphic artist Daniel Kondo . In addition to a good chat, the table promises affectionate memories and lots of music.

During the day, the public, who again attended the pavilions in large numbers, followed various activities, including the debate On Inequalities and the elites in Brazil, to question the direction we will have in this scenario of sanitary, economic and political uncertainties.

At the Blue Pavilion, members of the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL) debated the topic: Post-pandemic academics. The idea was, through the ages, philosophy, or the love of wisdom, helps us to reflect on the present.

The debate In all media, with renowned authors from the juvenile pop universe, Thalita Rebouças and Paula Pimenta, was also attended by the singer and composer Vitor Kley, debuting author of the children's book A gang of the sun boy , which is part of a project musical in three volumes and animated clips.

This Saturday's agenda also provided space for the Flup meeting - from the periphery to the centre, from the center to the periphery, to talk with four characters from the first generation of the Periphery Literary Fair.

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