Rains leave Rio municipality in stage of mobilization

Weather should remain cloudy and rainy for the next two days

Published in 07/12/2021 - 20:27 By Douglas Corrêa – Repórter da Agência Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

Several neighborhoods in the city of Rio de Janeiro were hit, in the late afternoon of this Tuesday (7), by light to moderate rains, due to a system of low pressure that remains over the ocean. The rains can continue through the night and into the night.

"The low pressure system can also be called a cyclone, but it will not act directly in the city," explained meteorologist Juliana Hermsdorff, from the Alerta Rio System. any time, Juliana added. Winds will be predominantly moderate, up to 51.9 kilometers per hour (km/h).

With the records of moderate rainfall in the northern and western zones, at 5:30 pm, the municipality entered the mobilization stage, which is the second level on a scale of five and means that there is a risk of high impact events. According to Alerta Rio, rain nuclei operating around the Tijuca Mountains cause moderate to heavy rain at 15-minute intervals, and the tendency is for them to remain in the region for the next hour.

According to Meteorology, the sky should remain cloudy with rain for the next two days. The weather starts to improve on Friday (10), when the thermometers will indicate the maximum temperature of 30°C. On Saturday (11), the maximum should reach 33°C.

In many neighborhoods, especially in the west side, it rains heavily and several streets are flooded. This is the case of the neighborhoods of Sepetiba, Guaratiba, Santa Cruz and Campo Grande. Neighborhoods in Baixada Fluminense, such as Duque de Caxias, Belford Roxo and Nova Iguaçu also have water pockets on their main streets.

The rain caused a tree to fall on the corner of Avenida Maracanã and Rua Pereira Nunes, in the north. The trunk was propped against the structure of a building, but no one was injured. The municipal Civil Defense and Fire Department are on site.

Avenida Niemeyer, which connects the neighborhoods of Leblon and São Conrado, is flooded, due to the large volume of rain that comes down from the top of the slopes of the communities of Rocinha and Vidigal. Still on the south side, Avenida Borges de Medeiros, in Lagoa, has a occupied lane, at the height of Rua Saturnino de Brito, and traffic with stops for those heading towards the Rebouças Tunnel.

Lakes Region

Hit by a storm at dawn on Monday (6), the cities of Cabo Frio, Araruama and São Pedro da Aldeia concentrated on cleaning streets and clearing ditches and manholes.

In São Pedro da Aldeia, the Civil Defense, which is in a state of attention, goes through the neighborhoods affected by the storm. Flood points were identified in six districts. There is no record of homeless or homeless people in the city. The Department of Public Services works in places where there was an accumulation of sand and mud, material that was displaced from higher streets with the force of water.

The pluviometer at the Meteorological Station of the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), located between the municipalities of São Pedro da Aldeia and Iguaba Grande, recorded 68 millimeters (mm) of rainfall in the last 24 hours. The coordinator of Civil Defense, Ricardo de Lima, informed that the agency remains in a state of attention, to prevent situations that could pose a risk to the population.

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Edition: Nádia Franco

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