Rare and Threatened Species Bear Welcomes in Brasília

The goal is for Liz to find a partner and reproduce

Published in 06/12/2021 - 17:12 By Agência Brasil - Brasília

A specimen of the spectacled bear ( Tremarctos ornatus ) - the only species of the Ursidae family that has South America as its natural habitat - was received yesterday (5) by the Brasília Zoo for captive breeding purposes. The female, named Liz, weighs 60 kilos and came from Salvador to meet Ney, a 12-year-old male who has lived in the federal capital since 2017.

The choice of the two individuals was made by comparison and genetic compatibility, informed the institution in a note. Liz arrived in Brasília by air and is already under the institution's care.

“Liz's arrival is intended to effectively contribute to the conservation of the species through captive breeding. Our goal is for both Liz and Ney and their puppies to be part of international conservation programs. If all goes well in reproduction, gestation takes place in seven months, with one to three offspring”, said the director of Mammals at the Zoo of Brasília, Filipe Reis, to the news agency of the Federal District Government.

Brasília Zoo informed that the bear will be in quarantine for 30 days and will not be exposed to visitors during the period. During the quarantine, veterinarians and zoologists will make observations to outline a strategy for bringing the two animals together.

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