TCU identifies 350 thousand people who received aid irregularly

The amount paid is estimated at BRL 100 million

Published in 06/12/2021 - 17:42 By Agência Brasil - Brasília

The Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) reported that an audit identified evidence of undue receipt of Emergency Aid by 350 thousand people. The amount paid is estimated at R$100 million. The data were released today (6), through the decision of the audit.

By analyzing the payroll from April to July this year, the inspection team found cases of beneficiaries who received the aid and had formal employment in a public agency; who received some Social Security benefit; other type of government assistance, in addition to situations involving businessmen and people with irregular CPF.

From now on, the bodies responsible for the transfer will be notified to review the benefits records. Payment of the aid ended last month, when those enrolled in CadÚnico were transferred to Auxílio Brasil, a new social program of the federal government.

Last week, the Ministry of Citizenship began sending cell phone messages directing the voluntary return of funds improperly received from emergency aid. It was the third batch to be shipped this year and 625,000 people will receive it.

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