Germany has the highest number of daily covid deaths since February

A total of 69,601 new infections were registered

Published in 08/12/2021 - 11:35 By Emma Thomasson - Repórter da Reuters - Berlim

Germany registered, this Wednesday (8), the highest number of daily deaths by covid-19 since February, as it struggles to stop a fourth wave of the pandemic.

A total of 69,601 new infections were reported, 2,415 more than in the same period last week, and 57 more people died, the highest number since February 12th. That brings the total to 104,047, said the Robert Koch Institute of Infectious Diseases.

But the incidence rate of seven-day cases for every 100,000 people in the country continues to fall, dropping from 432 to 427 on Tuesday.

Experts question whether the data mean Germany has passed the peak of this pandemic wave or whether the figures are unreliable because some health authorities are overwhelmed, particularly in the worst-affected areas.

Last week, the country agreed to allow unvaccinated people access only to essential businesses such as markets, pharmacies and bakeries, and to speed up the vaccination campaign.

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