Ministry of Science and Technology launches MCTI Olympic Challenge

Event takes place at the National S&T Week, in Brasília

Published in 04/12/2021 - 09:00 By Agência Brasil - Brasília

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI) launches today (4) the MCTI Olympic Challenge. The event takes place on the main stage of the National Week of Science and Technology 2021 (SNCT), in the Exhibition Pavilion of Parque da Cidade, in Brasília.

The activities day will open at 10am with a round table on women in science. Then, news and innovations for social mapping technologies in the Amazon will be presented.

In the late afternoon, Correios also has a lecture scheduled for the National Week of S&T. Inaugurated this Friday (3), the exhibition is aimed especially at young people and their families, with current topics and relevant discussions in the scientific world.

“The event takes place with all the existing and recommended precautions. We have exhibitions from all our research units, from the Ministry of Education as well, as well as inspiration and - perhaps - financing for those who want to undertake in the areas of science and technology", the minister of Science, Technology and Marcos Pontes Innovations.

radio museum

Empresa Brasil de Comunicação ( EBC ) will also be present at the event. In a special space that simulates an old radio studio, the Museu da Rádio Nacional - which can usually be seen in the company's corridors - invites visitors to discover an analog radio frequency wave station.

The stage for several innovations from the last century, such as soap operas and newsletters, the museum brings equipment and information from a time when television and the internet were not even considered, and the only means of communication - radio - instigated the listeners' imagination.

In contrast to the historical pieces, the EBC features a modern broadcast studio similar to the one used in the daily newsletter A Voz do Brasil , where visitors can watch explanations from technicians and operators on the entire process of putting up the oldest newsletter of Latin America on the air daily.

EBC President Glen Valente stated that the company's participation in the National Science and Technology Week "is very important to show factual journalism, with coverage and live broadcasts. "In addition, we will take a little of the history of communication public with pieces from our collection," he added.

about the event

The 18th National Science and Technology Week is coordinated by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, with the participation of 169 public and private institutions from 312 municipalities. The meeting has 6,284 activities scheduled and runs until December 10th.

The full event schedule can be found here .

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