Defense in court to annul the revocation of the mandate of Dr. Jairinho

Accused of the death of his stepson, councilor was impeached for

Published in 29/11/2021 - 19:20 By Douglas Corrêa – Repórter da Agência Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

The defense of former councilor Jairo Souza Santos Júnior, Dr. Jairinho, filed a writ of mandamus at the 7th. Public Finance Court of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, requesting the nullity of the legislative decree that declared the loss of his mandate for conduct incompatible with parliamentary decorum.

Jairinho was unanimously revoked on June 30 of this year. It was the first record of a councilor's mandate annulment in the history of the Rio de Janeiro City Council.

The former councilor is accused in court of the death of his stepson Henry Borel, 4 years old, on March 8 of this year. According to police investigations, the boy was beaten at home by his stepfather. Jairinho has been held in preventive detention since April 8, along with the boy's mother, Monique Medeiros.

In a lawsuit against the President of the Chamber, Carlo Caiado, and the Board of Directors of the House, the lawyer Berilo Martins da Silva Netto asks for the nullity of the legislative decree that declared the loss of Dr. Jairinho's warrant.

The lawyer lists five reasons why there was no loss of office. Berilo Netto says there was no breach of parliamentary decorum; that "the presumption of innocence of Jairinho was not honored", that the crimes imposed on his client "do not have the power to remove the presumption of innocence", nor "they conform to the regimental provisions of the breach of parliamentary decorum". Finally, the lawyer asks for the nullity of the parliamentary decree stating that "it is not possible to create a new regimental type to configure a breach of parliamentary decorum".

Councilor Chico Alencar, who is part of the City Council's Ethics Committee, said on the day of the judgment that what was voted on was whether there was a breach of decorum. "Jairinho committed abuse of power, influence peddling and lied when he said that little Henry fell out of bed, which was denied by the technical expertise."

In a statement, the City Council of Rio informed that it had not yet been mentioned about the action.

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