Temer's administration popularity falls to lower rates

According to the survey by CNI/Ibope, this is the fourth consecutive

Published on 28/09/2017 - 19:26 By Andreia Verdélio – Reports from Agência Brasil - Brasília


Brasília - Presidente Michel Temer durante pronunciamento sobre a liberação do PIS-Pasep, no Palácio do Planalto (Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil)

Only 3% of the population think Temer's administration is good or greatValter Campanato/Agência Brasil

The approval rating of Brazilian president Michel Temer continues to fall according to a survey released today (Sep.28) by Ibope, a research institution hired by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI, as in the portuguese abbreviation) to ask people how they feel about the government and their confidence in Temer.

Only 3% of the population think Temer's administration is good or great. Other 77% believe it is bad or very bad. The survey reports that 16% of the people find the government's job regular and 3% said they don't know or didn't answer the question. 

CNI pointed out that the good/great evaluation has fallen to the lowest rate since the end of José Sarney's administration. In July 1989, former Brazilian president had the approval of 7% of the population.

According to the document, this is the fourth consecutive quarter of worsening in government's approval. From September 2016 to the same month this year, good/great evaluation has had successive quarterly downfalls: 13%, 10%, 5% and the present 3%. On the opposite way, bad/very bad has risen – 46%, 55%, 70% and the present 77%.

In the previous query, the government was evaluated as good or great by 5%, as regular by 21% and as bad or very bad by 70%.


About Temer's governing style, the approval has fallen from 11% (July) to 7% this month. Disapproval, in turn, has risen from 83% to 89% in the same period.

The confidence in the president has also had a downfall. The group of respondents that trust Michel Temer has fallen from 10% in July to 6% in september. The percentage of people who said they don't trust the president has risen from 87% to 92% in the same period.

The executive manager for Research and Competition at CNI, Renato da Fonseca, believes the popularity rates are low at this moment for two reasons. One of them is the debate in social media about the permission for mineral exploration in a protected area in the Amazon forest. The other reason, in his opinion, is that  population has not yet noticed the changes in economy, largely publicized by the government. 

The survey listened to 2 thousand persons in 126 cities, from September 15 to 20. The margin of error is 2% and the confidence level, 95%.

Translated by Mariana Branco

Edição: Valéria Aguiar/Nira Foster

Edition: José Romildo

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