Bolsonaro participates in the graduation of Army cadets at Aman

The 391 cadets are from the 4th year of the Dona Rosa da Fonseca Class

Published in 27/11/2021 - 12:32 By Douglas Corrêa - Repórter da Agência Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

President Jair Bolsonaro participates this Saturday (27) at 11 am, in Resende, south of the state, at the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (Aman) in the graduation of 391 cadets of the 4th year of the Dona Rosa da Fonseca Class, where they will receive the Officer's Sword , during the traditional solemnity of the Aspirantate. This will be the first time, in 210 years, that Aspiring Officers will also be trained, with a total of 23 women.

Of the 391 cadets that are graduating, 368 are male and 23 are female. Among men, 135 are Infantry; 60 of Cavalry; 53 of Artillery; 40 of Engineering; 31 of Intendance; 28 of Communications; 14 of War Material. The women are: 13 from the Intendance and 10 from the Military. They come from the five regions of Brazil: Southeast (221); South (85); Northeast (35); Midwest (21); North (22). Of these, seven belong to the Friendly Nations, being: one from Guyana, one from Paraguay; two from Senegal, one from East Timor and two from Vietnam.


In the first part of the ceremony, the cadets enter the courtyard for the restitution of the Marlin, which they received as 1st year cadets, in 2018. In a second moment, at 11 am, it will be time for the declaration of the new aspirants with the delivery of the officer's sword, symbol of principles and values, such as responsibility, competence, respect and love for the country. It will be when cadet João Pedro Castro Brum Silva Gomes, 1st placed overall in the class, will receive the sword from the hands of President Jair Bolsonaro.

about the class

Dona Rosa da Fonseca is the Patron of the Military Family. Born on September 18, 1802, in the then City of Alagoas, capital of the province of the same name, current municipality of Marechal Deodoro, she married Major of the Imperial Army Manoel Mendes da Fonseca, a brave soldier and great monarchist. A woman of manly character, she always supported him in his resolutions and accompanied him. It is recognized as an example of values to be followed by the military family.


Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the event will, once again, have the restricted presence of guests, civil and military authorities. In addition, the traditional Aspirantado Gala will not be held in the traditional way. Guests were recommended to wear masks. To avoid crowding, the audience will be divided into sectors.

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