COVID-19: Committee recommends end of vaccination passport in Rio

The decision suspends its requirement for closed places

Published in 26/04/2022 - 08:26 By Akemi Nitahara – Repórter da Agência Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

The Scientific Committee against COVID-19 from Rio de Janeiro has recommended that the Municipal Health Department (SMS in the original Portuguese acronym) temporarily suspend the requirement of a COVID-19 vaccination passport for closed places. The decision was taken at a meeting on Monday morning (April 25).

"The proposal was based on the current epidemiological scenario - which remains favorable and stable - and it can be changed in case there is any alteration in this scenario," the secretary`s note says.

The so-called vaccination passport was launched last year on September 15 in Rio to encourage vaccination against COVID-19 and, consequently, reduce the transmission of the disease.

The secretariat informed that the recommendation will be analyzed. The parameters published in a decree in March indicated that the passport would no longer be required when 70 percent of the population had received the COVID-19 booster dose. However, this percentage is still at 62.3 percent.


The Committee also required that Rio urgently receive more doses of the Pfizer vaccine to continue immunizing the population. 133,730 children aged 5 to 11 have not yet been immunized against Covid-19. Considering the entire target population of the campaign, 92.3 percent have received a full vaccination cycle.

Only 36.4 percent of the population over 80 years old have gotten the second booster dose. According to Rio`s schedule people aged 70 years or older shall receive the second booster dose starting on Wednesday (April 27), elderly people aged 65 years or older, starting on May 4, and those aged 60 years or older, on May 11.

Translation: Mário Nunes -  Edition: Maria Claudia

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