Últimas notícias Black Friday

Correios fazem entregas de pedidos online em todo país

Posts receive 18.9 million parcels on Black Friday 2021

18.9 million orders were posted on Black Friday this year. Post Office Balance, covering up to the last Friday, shows a volume 42% higher than last year.

Movimento no comércio na semana do Black Friday em Pinheiros.

Procon-SP receives 703 complaints about Black Friday

Complaints include delay or non-delivery of the order, order canceled after checkout, price change at the end of the purchase or discount makeup.

Cartões de crédito

Card usage grew by 22% on Black Friday

The use of cards on the internet, applications and other types of purchases away from home increased by around 30% in the period. Consumer trends gained traction in the pandemic, with strong stimulus to online sales.

São Paulo - Movimento no comércio da rua Teodoro Sampaio, em Pinheiros, durante o Black Friday (Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil)

Entity points to weaker and more timid Black Friday in 2021

Only five product categories should have growth in consumer purchase intention, compared to the year 2020, of 28 followed by Ibevar.

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