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O presidente Jair Bolsonaro recebe, o presidente da República Popular da China, Xi Jinping,durante declaração à imprensa no Palácio do Itamaraty, em Brasília

Brazil’s economy minister advocates free trade with China

Brazilian Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes said today (Nov. 13) Brazil must seek to increase integration with the world, and mentioned a number of avenues, like negotiations on free trade with Chine, one of the country’s top trade partners.

11ª Cúpula do Brics

Brazil sets up special security scheme for Brics meeting

A special security scheme was adopted by the Brazilian government to ensure the integrity of people attending the 11th Brics summit meeting. The gathering is slated to take place in Brasília on Wednesday and Thursday (Nov.

O embaixador da coreia do sul no brasil, Jeong-Gwan Lee, participa do II concurso de ensaios de literatura coreana na Associacao Nacional de Literatura

Ex-Ambassador: Brazil may become key ally of South Korea

A major grain, energy, and meat producer in the global market, Brazil could become a strategic ally of South Korea, making the Asian nation less dependent on Japan, Russia, the US, and China.

Cuba faz sessão para escolher novo presidente

Brazil votes against end of embargo on Cuba at UN assembly

On Thursday (Nov. 7), Brazil voted in favor of the economic, commercial, and financial embargo on Cuba.


Brazil, Qatar sign visa waiver agreement

Brazil and Qatar on Monday (Oct. 28) inked an agreement to exempt tourists and travellers in transit or on a business trip from a visa. The waiver goes both ways. This is one of the six deals forged during a visit of President Jair Bolsonaro overseas.