Últimas notícias Câmara dos Deputados

Sala de aula vazia da Escola Estadual Terezine Arantes Ferraz Bibliotecaria, no Parque Casa de Pedra, zona norte da capital.

House Committee Approves Active Search for Out-of-School Students

The proposal will be analyzed by the Education commissions; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship. As it has a conclusive character, once approved it will not need to go through the plenary.


Project creates national register of pedophiles

The data will be collected by the National Council of Justice. Among the crimes are rape of the vulnerable; corruption of minors; sexual exploitation of children, adolescents or vulnerable people.

Human Rights

Commission approves project for minimum production of adapted cars

The vehicle must have, at least, automatic transmission, power steering, electric windows and manual brake and clutch controls, in addition to other adaptations.

Violência doméstica violência contra a mulher

Commission approves school vacancy for child of victim of violence

According to the proposal, if victims of domestic violence change domicile, the enrollment must be relocated to the public school closest to the new residence.


House Committee holds hearing on floor for nursing on Wednesday

Project to create the floor was approved by the Senate. For the confederation, the change brings an annual impact of R$6.2 billion on the costs of philanthropic hospitals.