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 Cristo Redentor completa 90 anos.

Rio celebrates 90 years since Christ the Redeemer was built

For the 90th anniversary of the Christ, emergency repairs were made to parts that had been damaged by time: portions of the shroud, the right finger, and the frontal section of the head

Militares trabalham na desinfecção da estátua do Cristo Redentor antes de sua reabertura em meio ao surto da doença do coronavírus (COVID-19), no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 13 de agosto de 2020. REUTERS / Ricardo Moraes

Christ the Redeemer to undergo disinfection before reopening

“Christ the Redeemer, who always welcomes everyone in a special manner, deserves our best, the best of our institutions for the well-being of all of our visitors,”  said Father Osmar, rector at the Christ the Redeemer Sanctuary.


Rio’s Christ the Redeemer now 88 years old

One of the world’s most famous constructions—next to the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, and the Statue of Liberty, in New York—the monument of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, last weekend celebrated 88 years since its inauguration.