Últimas notícias covid-19

Vacinação infantil contra a covid-19 de crianças de 10 anos ou mais, no Planetário, no bairro da Gávea, zona sul da cidade.

COVID-19 positivity rate up in Rio state

A continuous growth in these early indicators have been reported. However, the increase is not seen reflected on hospitalizations and deaths.

Chegada de 59.800 doses da vacina CoronaVac (17.03.2021)
Foto: Breno Esaki/Agência Saúde DF

Brazil drug authority receives data on CoronaVac for 3–5-year-olds

The sending of information was agreed at a meeting on May 25 between the institute and Anvisa, which will now proceed with the evaluation of the request.

Frio em São Joaquim (SC)

Cases of severe respiratory syndrome up in 20 Brazil capitals

Severe acute respiratory syndrome may be caused by SARS-CoV-2 and has been monitored as a parameter to track the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil since 2020.

Primeiro dia de flexibilização do uso de máscaras ao ar livre no Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

COVID-19: State of emergency in Brazil ends

The move was based on the improved epidemiological landscape and the progress of the vaccination campaign. Despite the measure, no public health policy will be interrupted.

O Ministério da Saúde recebeu neste sábado (1º), 220 mil doses da vacina Oxford/AstraZeneca do consórcio Covax Facilit no aeroporto de Guarulhos em São Paulo.

COVID-19: donation of vaccines to other countries authorized

The expenses incurred in transportation will be borne by the recipient country, or by budget allocations from the Brazilian government or other collaborators.