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placa uso máscara, estádio nfl

US sports leagues struggle to contain covid-19 outbreaks

The NFL, NHL, and NBA have been facing bouts of positive cases for three days now, forcing players to enter into health protocols and matches to be postponed.

Tornados causam destruição em Nashville, nos Estados Unidos

Tornadoes: Killings in Kentucky May Increase in the Next Weeks

President Joe Biden is going to Kentucky tomorrow to assess the damage caused by the tornadoes. He will visit Ft. Campbell, Mayfield and Dawson Springs and review the damage.

Simoes Biles presta depoimento no Congresso dos EUA

North American gymnasts are indemnified by 337 million euros

Indiana state court established the amount of damages and sentenced Larry Nassar, selection physician, to more than 300 years in prison for sexual abuse.


Tornadoes in Kentucky: Biden declares a federal emergency

A state of emergency has been declared in Kentucky and could be decreed in other states hardest hit by the catastrophe, such as Illinois and Tennessee.

O Capitólio dos Estados Unidos, em Washington

Agreement to avoid US default and raise debt ceiling moves forward

"I'm optimistic that after today's vote, we will be on a direct path to avoiding a catastrophic default," Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said in a speech.