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Brazil gov’t creates agency to administer museums

On Monday (Sep. 10), Brazilian President Michel Temer signed two provisional presidential decrees on the administration of, and support for, museums.


Works to prevent Rio’s National Museum from collapsing begin

Experts from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (Unesco) are expected to arrive Tuesday (Sep.

Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro continua interditado pela Defesa Civil após ter sido destruído por um incêndio na noite do último domingo.

Brazil’s BNDES to assign $ 6 million for museums and archives

Two days after the massive fire that hit Rio de Janeiro’s National Museum, the Brazilian government has launched measures aiming to rebuild it.

Um incêndio de proporções ainda incalculáveis atingiu, no começo da noite deste domingo (2), o Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro, na Quinta da Boa Vista, em São Cristóvão, na zona norte da capital fluminense

Rio de Janeiro's National Museum damaged by huge fire

The fire at the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro was put out around 3 p.m on Monday (Sept. 3). The firefighters, however, remained on the scene searching for hot embers and pockets of fire.


Second dead body found under rubble in São Paulo

Firefighters early on Tuesday morning (May 8) located the second dead body of a victim under the rubble of the Wilton Paes de Almeida building, which collapsed after a fire in downtown São Paulo. The corpse was carbonized and seemed to be that of a child.