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Brazil reports 552 deaths, 30,476 new cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours

The Southeast has the highest total case tally, 914,004, and 52,882 deaths. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in the Southeast, rank first in number of cases nationwide.

Brazil has 614,941 infected, 34,021 dead from COVID-19

New deaths have been notified in all 27 Brazilian states. São Paulo is still the epicenter of the disease in the country, with the highest death toll (8,560).
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Brazil reports over 31 thousand deaths from COVID-19

The updated numbers also reveal 1,262 new deaths, which raises the death toll to 31,199, the highest number of related obits in 24 hours since the pandemic started.
O ministro interino da Saúde, Eduardo Pazuello, acompanhado do governador do Amazonas, Wilson Lima, participam da inauguração da Ala Indígena no Hospital Nilton Lins

COVID-19: Brazil has 391,222 confirmed cases, 24,512 deaths

The report from the Health Ministry shows that 1,039 new deaths from COVID-19 have been confirmed in Brazil in the last 24 hours. Thus far, of the more than 391 thousand infected, 158,593 patients have recovered from the disease.