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Brazil’s trade surplus stands at $2.2 bi

Brazil posted a trade surplus of $2.246 billion in September—the lowest monthly figure since 2014, as per official figures. The result last month was down 59.9 percent from the same span in 2018 ($5 billion), in the daily average criterion.

Exportações intrarregionais representam apenas 20% das realizadas pela America Latina e Caribe

Brazil trade with US up 9.5%, down with other countries

Brazil’s exports to the US grew 9.5 percent in August this year from the same month in 2018. Imports from the North American country, in turn, rose 27.9 percent. Commerce with other key partners—like China, Argentina, and the EU—also saw a reduction.


Brazil balance of trade at positive $3,28 bi

Brazil’s balance of trade saw a positive $3.28 billion in August, as per a report released Monday (Sep 2) by the Ministry of the Economy. The amount is 23.7 percent higher than the same period in 2018.


Brazil balance of trade sees $2.293 bi surplus in July

Brazil’s balance of trade reported a $2.293 billion surplus last July. Despite the positive number, the reduction in commodity exports—chief among them oil and soybeans—led to the lowest surplus for a July in nine years.

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Brazil trade of balance posts $27.13 bi surplus in first half-year

The lower price of a number of exported commodities and an uptick in imports pulled the Brazilian balance of trade down in the first six months of the year compared to the same period in 2018.