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Central Bank cuts Brazil’s benchmark interest to 4.25% a year

Brazil’s Central Bank for the fifth consecutive time has lowered the economy’s benchmark interest rate, known as Selic, to 4.25 percent a year, down 0.25 percentage points. The rate serves as a reference for other interest rates in the economy.


Brazil’s benchmark interest down to 4.5% a year

For the fourth consecutive time, the Brazilian Central Bank lowered the economy’s benchmark interest rate. Its committee unanimously decided to reduce the Selic rate to 4.5 percent a year, a 0.5 percentage point cut. The move had been expected by analysts.

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Brazil’s Central Bank keeps interest at all-time lowest

For the tenth time in a row, the Brazilian Central Bank decided not to change the country’s benchmark interest rate—the Selic. The Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) kept the Selic at 6.5 percent a year. The move had been expected by financial analysts.