Últimas notícias Pandemia

Vacinação drive thru na Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), zona norte do Rio. A cidade do Rio de Janeiro retoma hoje (25) sua campanha de aplicação da primeira dose da vacina contra a covid-19 em idosos da população em geral.

Covid-19: Anvisa to evaluate request for children to be vaccinated

Anvisa says that, for the inclusion of new audiences in the package insert, it is necessary for the laboratory to carry out studies on the relationship of safety and efficacy for "a certain age group".

Premiê britânico, Boris Johnson

UK has unprecedented covid-19 wave

According to British authorities, the combination of the Delta and Ômicron variants is at the origin of the sharp increase in infections.

Filhote de tigre

Zoo in Chile tests covid-19 vaccine on lions and tigers

The risk of animals transmitting the virus to people is low, but infection can spread from people to animals during close contact.

Coronavírus (COVID-19), Novo Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Ômicron: Brazil has 19 confirmed cases and investigates seven

Infections were recorded in São Paulo (13), the Federal District (2), Rio Grande do Sul (2) and Goiás (2). Balance was released by the Ministry of Health.

Testes para detecção do Covid-19

The city of São Paulo carries out rapid tests for flu syndrome

According to the Department of Health, the method used in patients is the antigen, to identify cases more quickly and maintain patient monitoring.