Últimas notícias Russia

O ministro das Relações Exteriores, Carlos França, durante entrevista coletiva, na Sala dos Tratados do Palácio Itamaraty,sobre os resultados da participação brasileira na 26ª Conferência das Nações Unidas sobre Mudanças Climáticas (COP26)

Brazil defends Russia's permanence in G20

The United States announced on Monday (April 18) it intends to withdraw G20 meetings in which diplomats and other members of the Russian government are present.

Pessoas fogem da Ucrânia na fronteira húngara-ucraniana, em Beregsurany

Brazil grants 74 visas to Ukrainians in March

 In order to obtain a humanitarian residence permit, applicants must request a National Migratory Registration Card with the Brazilian Federal Police in Brazil.

Hungria, refugiados Ucranianos

Ukrainians land in Brazil as part of humanitarian initiative

A resolution from the government offers a temporary visa and residence permit for the humanitarian reception of Ukrainians who have been affected by the war in Ukraine.



Colheita de soja, grãos de soja

Brazil foreign trade in agribusiness sees $9.3 bi surplus in February

Ten of the fifteen products monitored by IPEA’s economic staff were also seen to rise in the amount exported, not to mention an increase in the value of most commodities sold overseas.

Indústria do Brasil tem 6ª queda seguida em novembro

Protracting war could affect Brazil industry: CNI report

A long war can have a significant impact on Brazilian exports, causing the global economy to slow down. The sector is already assailed by hikes in commodity prices, the CNI reported.