Últimas notícias second quarter

Comércio na SAARA (Sociedade de Amigos das Adjacências da Rua da Alfândega) no centro da cidade, e autorizado a reabrir a partir de hoje (9) na cidade do Rio de Janeiro

Unemployment slides to 14.1% in 2nd quarter

As for the employed population, a growth of 1.8 percent was observed in the second quarter this year, reaching 102 million people. Year on year, the expansion stood at 6.3 percent, after four months on the wane.

indústrias; fábricas,Usina de Cana Estivas.

Brazil economy down 9.7% in second quarter

In the first quarter of 2020, the GDP went down 5.9 percent from the same time span in 2019. In this comparison, a positive performance was reported for agriculture (1.6%), and declines for industry (-6.5%) and services (-5.9%).

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