Últimas notícias Sem Censura

A ministra da Mulher, da Família e dos Direitos Humanos, Damares Alves, participa do programa Sem Censura, na TV Brasil

Brazil gov’t unveils initiative to seize goods owned by drug dealers

“[Drug dealers] will think twice if they really start losing money. On the other hand, this has been a blessing for groups that work preventing drug use in Brazil,” the minister declared.

Brasilia - 13-12-2021. Os navegadores Amyr Klink e Tamara Klink. participam do  programa Sem Censura da TV Brasil (EBC).

Many browsers have failed because of planning errors, says Klink

The navigators Amyr and Tamara Klink were interviewed on the program Sem Censura and talked about the trips they made and the difficulties they faced.

Marina Machado Sem Censura

Sem Censura this Monday welcomes Amyr and Tamara Klink

Father and daughter talk about experiences with navigation. At 24 years old, Tamara is the youngest Brazilian to cross the Atlantic alone. Program airs at 9:30 pm, on TV Brasil .

Thiago Carvalho, aparecidense, série d, brasileiro

No Censorship receives Thiago Carvalho, coach of Aparecidense de Goiás

Under Thiago's command, the club is the fourth in the state and the first in the interior of Goiás to raise a national trophy, after the best overall campaign in Serie D.

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