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Santa Fé - Argentina, Mercosul

On Mercosur’s 30th anniversary, Bolsonaro advocates modernization

Bolsonaro on Friday (Mar. 26) asked for the update of the Common External Tariff (CET). The CET is a group of tariffs charged on the import of goods and services of companies of the bloc’s country members and is based on the Common Mercosur Nomenclature for products and services.
Presidente Jair Bolsonaro cumprimenta turistas no Palácio da Alvorada

Bolsonaro willing to call Trump on tariffs

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said today (Dec. 2) that he will resort to the “open channel” he shares with US President Donald Trump to talk about his decision to restore tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Brazil.

Bobinas de aço galvanizado prontas para serem entregues

Brazil asks EU for compensation for tariffs on steel

The Brazilian government yesterday (Feb. 18) submitted to the European Union (EU) a request for compensation for the safeguards on steel imports imposed by the economic bloc early this month.


Brazil minister: US tariffs yet to affect country’s steel sales

The tariffs recently imposed on Brazilian steel by the US are yet to affect Brazil’s exports, Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade, and Services Marcos Jorge de Lima said today (Jul. 3).