Últimas notícias technology

O ministro da Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovações e Comunicações,  Marcos Pontes, participa do programa Sem Censura, da TV Brasil.

Brazil to invest BRL 280 million in science and technology institutes

During the interview, Minister Pontes stressed the importance of being autonomous regarding the production of vaccines, and promoting scientific research in the country.

Imagem ilustrativa 5G no Brasil.

Twelve Brazilian capitals ready to receive 5G networks

For other locations, it is important that municipal laws and the infrastructure for the operation of the technology are properly adequate.

O ministro das Comunicações, Fábio Faria, participa de seminário sobre 5G, promovido pela Esfera Brasil, no Hotel Unique.

Brazil auctions 5G mobile internet frequencies

According to the Ministry of Communications, the 5G innovations are not just about improved services to a limited portion of society. Tthe 5G technology will also account for the expansion of 4G mobile internet in locations where this technology is still unavailable, boosting the number of Brazilian users.


Brazil’s jet maker Embraer unveils electric flying car prototype

The vertical takeoff and landing vehicle will be directed at passengers. A pilot is present, but the project should be designed so that the flight becomes totally autonomous.

Internet das coisas

Brazil passes law to boost internet of things

Under the new rule, some taxes on telecom stations making up the machine-to-machine system were slashed to zero.