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General view from above of a dam owned by Brazilian miner Vale SA that burst, in Brumadinho, Brazil January 25, 2019. REUTERS/Washington Alves

Brumadinho dam collapse now two years old

Minas Gerais state prosecutors sustain that Tüv Süd is to be held jointly responsible for the tragedy. The report indicates collusion between Vale and Tüv Süd. Both companies have been accused of assuming collapsing risks while having knowledge of the dam’s critical conditions, and not sharing share the data with the authorities or society.

Agência Brasil 30 Anos - Área afetada pelo rompimento de barragem no distrito de Bento Rodrigues, zona rural de Mariana, em Minas Gerais

Mariana tragedy now 5 years old, people still await reparation

“Not a single group of people affected—field and laundry workers, artisans, fisherpeople, small business owners—was fully compensated. The environment has also not been fully recovered", according to prosecutor and task force coordinator Silmara Goulart.

O Corpo de Bombeiros de Minas Gerais informou hoje (19) que encontrou o corpo de mais uma vítima do rompimento da barragem da Mina Córrego do Feijão, em Brumadinho, na região metropolitana de Belo Horizonte.

Vale to pay $47 mi in fine over dam leak

The collapse of the dam in the Córrego do Feijão, in Brumadinho, released some 12 million cubic meters of ore waste. At least 270 people died. There are also 11 locals missing.

Os cientistas trabalham em um laboratório de nível 2 de bio-segurança no Instituto Rega de Pesquisa Médica da KU Leuven que atualmente está realizando pesquisas para encontrar tratamento contra o coronavírus em Leuven, Bélgica

Fiocruz and Vale invest in coronavirus genome sequencing

Projeto Genoma COVID-19 should also expand the research network into the study of potential viruses causing endemics and pandemics in the Amazon, like the arboviruses, among which the ones causing dengue fever, chikungunya, and Zika.
Um profissional de saúde realiza um teste finalizado em um local de testes de coronavírus fora dos Serviços Comunitários de Saúde Internacionais no Distrito Internacional de Chinatown durante o surto de doença por coronavírus (COVID-19) em

COVID-19: 500 thousand quick test kits now in Brazil

The other 4.5 million kits remaining will be delivered by the suppliers to the company over the course of April.