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Venezuelanos caminham por estrada equatoriana a caminho do Peru em Tulcán  REUTERS/Andres Rojas
Human Rights

Some 50 thousand Venezuelan refugees resettled under gov’t initiative

The initiative comprises moving from shelters in Roraima state—where Brazil shares national borders with Venezuela—to shelter and integration centers in the target city, family and social reunion, and an appointed job spot.

Prefeitura do Salvador, mulheres, trabalho
Human Rights

Brazil women have achieved much, but equality is still a long way off

In a significant number of households, women are the breadwinners, and have to support their families on their own. In 2018, 45 percent of Brazilian households were headed by a woman.

Rio de Janeiro - A Associação do Conselho Gestor de Esporte e Lazer do Estado do Rio de Janeiro(Ascagel) promove o ato
Human Rights

Congress approves Inter-American Convention against Racism

The countries that have ratified the convention agree to prevent, eliminate, prohibit, and punish all acts and manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, and intolerance under their constitutional norms and in compliance with the rules of the convention.

Human Rights

Kalunga community receives unprecedented recognition from UN

The UN-granted title is given to “conserved community and traditional territories, in which communities have a deep connection with the place they inhabit, internal management and governance processes, and positive results in nature conservation.”

trabalho escravo
Human Rights

Brazil authorities receive thousands of reports of slave-like labor

Forced labor, an exhausting working routine, degrading conditions, and debt servitude are some of the characteristics of what is termed modern-day slavery.