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19/10/2023, Matéria sobre ciclo turismo. Foto: Daiana Lorenz/Flickr

Tourism high season likely to generate BRL 155 bi in Brazil

The figure represents a real surge of 5.6% from the same period last season, making it the sector’s biggest financial turnover since the survey began, in 2012.

Parauapebas (PA) - Incêndio em acampamento do MST deixa 9 mortos, no Sul do Pará. Foto: Instagram/Ícaro Matos/MST-PA

Fire claims nine lives at Sem Terra camp in northern Brazil

According to MST, an internet company was in the process of installing services at the camp when the antenna collided with the high-voltage power network.

Brasília (DF) 11/12/2023 – A Operação Voltando em Paz, do Governo Federal, cumpre mais uma missão de repatriação de brasileiros, tinha a bordo, 48 passageiros repatriados da Faixa de Gaza.
Foto: Antonio Cruz/Agência Brasil

Another group of returnees from Gaza arrives in Brazil

The group is made up of 48 individuals, 11 of whom have dual citizenship (Brazil-Palestine) and 37 Palestinians who are relatives of Brazilian citizens.

Brasília (DF) 10/12/2023 – Às 13h15 de hoje, a mina 18 sofreu um rompimento, no trecho da lagoa próximo ao Mutange. Estarei em instantes sobrevoando a área com os nossos técnicos. 
Foto: Prfeito Maceió JHC/X

Rock salt mine collapses in northeastern Brazil

This disaster is attributed to Braskem's decades-long extraction of rock salt from underground deposits, a type of salt used in the chemical industry.

Gado bovino no pasto. Foto:  Marilei Aberte/Pixabay

South American pampas lost 20% of grassland 1985–2022

The area covers over 1 mi km² between Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Losses include 9.1 mi hectares of native grassland. In Brazil, the biome is the second most de-characterized.

Projeto ensina estudantes a identificar informações falsas sobre vacina HPV. Jornalista Gracielly Bittencourt, idealizadora do projeto “Conhecimento é vacina para a desinformação”. Foto: Cleiton Freitas

PISA: Less than half of Brazilian students know basic math, science

“The average results in 2022 were practically the same as in 2018 in mathematics, reading, and science. PISA results have remained remarkably stable over a long period,” the report reads, on the performance of Brazilian students.

29/08/2023, PF deflagra duas operações contra desmatamento e lavagem de dinheiro. Foto: Polícia Federal/Divulgação

Brazil: Study proposes halting deforestation for zero greenhouse gases

The research underscores that, in Brazil's context, solutions rooted in nature itself prove more effective than costly technological interventions like carbon capture.