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Sessão de abertura do ano legislativo do STF

Brazil’s Supreme Court chief justice opens judiciary year

Supreme Court Chief Justice Dias Toffoli this morning (Feb. 3) opened the Judiciary year with an address highlighting the role of the country’s court system “to promote the legal security necessary for the resumption of development.”

Barragem, Brumadinho, rompimento

Vale–Tüv Süd collusion said to have caused tragedy in Brumadinho

Prosecutors in Minas Gerais state have reported there was collusion between mining giant Vale and German consultancy Tüv Süd. In the motion, presented Tuesday (Jan.

Polícia e MP de Goiás vão apurar denúncias contra médium João de Deus

João de Deus sentenced to another 40 years in jail

Psychic João Teixeira de Faria, popularly known as João de Deus, was sentenced to 40 years in custody for the rape of five women during spiritual healing sessions at the Casa Dom Inácio de Loyola, in the town of Abadiânia, Goiás state.

Brasília - O presidente do Paraguai, Horacio Cartes, é recebido, no Congresso Nacional, pelo presidente do Senado, Eunício Oliveira (Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil)

Brazil court revokes arrest warrant of former Paraguayan president

Judge Rogério Schietti of Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice on Friday (Nov. 29) revoked the arrest warrant issued against former Paraguayan President Horácio Cartes.

Rompimento de barragem no distrito de Bento Rodrigues, zona rural de Mariana, em Minas Gerais

BHP Billiton challenges Mariana collapse dam case in UK

BHP Billiton, the British-Australian mining company being sued in the UK over the tragedy in Mariana, Minas Gerais, is challenging the jurisdiction of the British courts moving ahead with the case. The matter is expected to be discussed at a hearing on June 9, 2020.