Últimas notícias General

Em meados deste ano, cidadãos dos EUA também receberam pacotes da Ásia com sementes não solicitadas

Seeds sent from Asia have Brazil gov’t concerned

The case is described by Brazilian authorities as unprecedented worldwide, and has surprised agents as the shipments in question were not requested.

Teste com retardante para combater incêndios no Pantanal

Fire has destroyed 3,461 mi hectares in Brazilian wetlands

The magnitude of the burned area in the Pantanal until September 27 confirms that this has been an atypical year not just for the biome, but for the whole region.

Aeroporto Internacional Juscelino Kubitschek, terceiro maior aeroporto do Brasil com pouca movimentação de passageiros

Gov’t allows foreigners to enter all Brazil airports

The entry of foreigners through land is allowed provided that the migratory requirements suiting their conditions are observed, including that of showing an entry visa when required.

Arroz e Feijão são os alimentos mais desperdiçados no país

Food insecurity affects 10.3 million Brazilians

With severe food insecurity, there is a severe quantitative reduction in foodstuffs also among children—in other words, a breach in eating standards stemming from a shortage of food among all residents. Under such circumstances, starvation is experienced in the household.