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Viaduto para micos-leões

New viaduct links ecosystems to preserve golden lion tamarin

The animal has become a symbol of the fight for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest.


Brazil extends restrictions on incoming foreigners for another 30 days

The exceptions regarding immigrants with a residence permit or foreign spouses, partners, children, parents, caregivers, and RNM holders “do not apply to foreigners coming from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

Brasília - Ministério Público do Distrito Federal e Territórios considera que torres de celular podem prejudicar a saúde (Marcelo Camarg/Agência Brasil)

Providers start testing 5G technology in Brazil

However, to access the technology, users must have a compatible mobile device. In the Brazilian market, only one compatible model is available—Motorola Edge—at more than $940 at its official store.

Fortes tempestades atingem Santa Catarina

South of Brazil pounded by cyclone

In Santa Catarina state, nine people died and 49 cities were affected
Locusts are seen on a plant, in Gran Guardia, Formosa,gafanhotos

Gov’t sets guidelines for possible combat against locusts in Brazil

Measures include general recommendations on pesticide use as well as mechanisms for the control of pesticide distribution, trade, and use.