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Saneamento básico em Maceió

Gov’t creates program to improve quality of water in rivers

The initiative is the last axis on the Urban Environment Agenda which is divided into six axes, ranging from green city areas to the quality of the water in rivers, lakes, and the ocean, seeking solutions for the environment in urban centers across the country, where 85 percent of Brazilians live.

Indígenas acompanham  sessão em um telão montado em frente ao Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), na Praça dos Três Poderes

Indigenous women march for “healing of the land”

“We, indigenous women, fight for the demarcation of indigenous territories, and against the liberation of mining and the lease of our land, against the attempt to relax environmental licensing rules, and against the financed arming in rural areas. We are witnessing the dismantling of indigenous and environmental policies,” the protesters’ manifesto reads.


Brazil’s most complete tapejarid fossil unveiled

The tapejarids lived 145 million to 100.5 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period. They could fly, lacked teeth, and are famous for having had a gigantic crest adorning their heads.

Comercio de rua, São Paulo (SP) , pandemia de coronavírus.

Brazilian population reaches 213.3 mi in 2021

The estimated growth of the population from 2020 to 2021 was 0.74 percent, as per IBGE data.

Considerado como um dos polos turísticos mais importantes do Estado de São Paulo, a Estância Turística de Olímpia está localizada na região do Aquífero Guarani, área privilegiada do noroeste paulista. Distante a 430 km da capital São Paulo,

Brasil considers underground water use as answer to water crisis

SGB estimates that this water year is likely to be regarded among the driest years in this time series in a number of locations. However, due to the drought this year being associated with the deficit from previous years, an aggravation in the water risk is expected.