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O presidente da República do Brasil, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, participa de ato na Esplanada dos Ministérios.

Bolsonaro says he did not mean to attack other branches

Bolsonaro criticized Supreme Court justices and the electronic voting system. As a response, top court chief Justice Luiz Fux and Justice Luis Roberto Barroso, head of the Superior Electoral Court, rebutted the president’s remarks.

Ministro Luiz Fux

Chief justice: Top Court not to tolerate threats against its autonomy

Early in the plenary session, Fux read the address in which he declared that the institutional criticism on the Court’s work must not be confused with “narratives aimed at discrediting the Supreme Court and its members, as those that have been made widespread by the head of the nation.”

Plenário do Senado Federal durante sessão deliberativa ordinária semipresencial.

Senate rejects request to oust Supreme Court justice

A statement signed by the Office of the Senate's Attorney-General recommended the rejection of the request due to “manifest absence of previously defined wrongdoing and a good cause.”

O presidente do Senado, Rodrigo Pacheco, durante entrevista coletiva após reunião do Comitê Nacional de Enfrentamento à Pandemia de Covid-19.

Rodrigo Pacheco: Congress not to allow political setbacks

The remarks were made after President Jair Bolsonaro said, on Saturday (14), that he will ask the Senate to reopen the case against Supreme Court Justices Alexandre de Morais and Luís Roberto Barroso, who is also head of the Superior Electoral Court.