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Presidente Jair Bolsonaro participa de Cerimônia alusiva aos 160 anos da CAIXA

Closing businesses due to COVID-19 is not right, Bolsonaro says

“I pray to God He may shine His light on governors and mayors so that they don’t close everything. Life and economy walk hand in hand. We can’t talk about health care without employment,” the president said

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Brazil makes vaccine acquisition rules flexible

Rules are effective immediately, but they must be subsequently approved by Congress.

A cúpula  maior, voltada para cima, abriga o Plenário da Câmara dos Deputados.

Congress approves 2021 budget and $213 minimum wage

As it stands today, the minimum wage is worth $204.67. The change represents a correction based on the predicted cumulative inflation for the year, as gauged by Brazil’s National Broad Consumer Price Index

Santa Fé - Argentina, Mercosul

Mercosur puts off Common External Tariff revision again

On Wednesday, the 57th Summit of the Heads of State of Mercosur and Associate States was held online. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said that Mercosur is “an ally in the promotion of the agenda of structural reforms.”

Ministro de Estado da Economia, Paulo Guedes,14ª Reunião do Conselho do Programa de Parcerias de Investimentos (CPPI)

Brazil’s economy minister confident about approval of tax overhaul

Regarding the impact of the tax reform on the revenues of states and municipalities, Guedes said he does not believe the approval will bring losses to local governments.