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Jair Bolsonaro, Sirius

Bolsonaro inaugurates beamline of particle accelerator Sirius

The biggest scientific project developed in Brazil, Sirius can generate a special kind of light—synchroton light—of broad specter and extremely high intensity, which helps reveal the structure of a number of particle types, both organic and inorganic, and may be applied in multiple scientific fields, like medicine, biology, and agriculture.

Caixas com vacinas experimentais contra Covid-19 da Sinovac em Pequim. coronavac

Bolsonaro: Federal gov’t will not buy vaccine CoronaVac

Before it is made available for the population, the president said, the vaccine should be “scientifically proven” by the Ministry of Health and certified by national sanitary watchdog Anvisa.

Banner EBC eleições 2020 em inglês

2020 Elections: Brazil has 147.9 million electors apt to vote

These voters will elect new mayors and city councilors across 5,569 municipalities on November 15.

Gravação de vídeo para a abertura do evento “2020 U.S. - Brazil Connect Summit

Brazil, US conclude deals to facilitate investment

“For the future, we see a solid tax agreement, a comprehensive commercial deal and a bold partnership between our countries in order to redesign global production chains,” Bolsonaro stated.

Presidente Jair Bolsonaro discursa na Cúpula sobre Biodiversidade da ONU

Bolsonaro: New biodiversity framework should consider global crisis

In Bolsonaro’s opinion, all countries must renew their commitment with the negotiations at the convention “acknowledging that member states share common, but different responsibilities.”