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Riade, Arábia Saudita, 29.11.2023 - Presidente da República, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, discursa na abertura do Seminário Embraer, no Hotel Ritz-Carlton, em Riade. Foto: Ricardo Stuckert/PR

Brazilian aviation company signs three deals in Saudi Arabia

President Lula said it is in the government’s and the country’s interest for Brazilian companies to gain prominence in global trade. He is on a trip to the Middle East and took part in a presentation of Embraer products in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

29/11/2023, O presidente Lula, participa de mesa Redonda Brasil-Arábia Saudita,  evento da APEX e Ministério do Investimento da Arábia Saudita, em Riade. Foto: Ricardo Stuckert/PR

Lula highlights Brazilian investment in green energy

In a speech to Brazilian and Saudi investors, he discussed investment opportunities in Brazil. The president is currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the first stop on his Middle East trip, where he is also taking part in COP 28 in Dubai.

Idosos na região central de Brasília.

Life expectancy at birth in Brazil stands at 75.5 years in 2022

Unlike previous years, the study is based on the 2022 Demographic Census instead of revised population projections from 2018, derived from the 2010 Census.

Vista da mata atlântica na Floresta da Tijuca, no Rio de Janeiro

Deforestation in Atlantic forest down 59% Jan–Aug year on year

The highest-ranking states for deforestation saw a plunge of some 60%. Among the factors behind it are the increase in inspections and embargoes, and the fact that producers are denied credit over deforestation.

Brasília (DF), 28/11/2023, Paul  faz show intimista no Clube do Choro em Brasília. Foto: MPL Communications

Paul McCartney transforms concert hall in Brasília into Cavern Club

Ex-Beatles performed surprise event in Clube do Choro concert hall. In a building designed by Oscar Niemeyer, Clube do Choro houses a school where over a thousand students learn musical instruments such as cavaquinho and mandolin.

Cavalcante (GO) 15/09/2023 – A brigada de incêndio da Prevfogo composta com membros da comunidade quilombola Kalunga, durante simulação de combate ao fogo no cerrado no Engenho II
Foto: Joédson Alves/Agência Brasil

Deforestation in Brazil’s cerrado biome up 3% in one year

A total of 11,011 km² of native vegetation was lost from August 2022 to July 2023, 75% of which in the states of Maranhão, Tocantins, Piauí, and Bahia.

Brasília (DF) - Caminhos da Reportagem - Alunos do curso técnico de gastronomia do instituto federal de Brasília.
A taxa de desemprego no Brasil é de 8,8%, segundo a pesquisa mais recente do IBGE. Já entre os jovens de 18 a 24 anos, esse índice é o dobro: 18%.
Foto: Divulgaçāo

Brazil has over 190 thousand new formal jobs in October

The result brings the year-to-date balance to 1,784,695 new jobs across all states in four of the five economic groups that make up the official survey.

rebeca andrade, Jogos Pan-americanos Santiago 2023, Ginástica Artística

Brazil aims victory in nine categories at Panam Sports Awards

With the talent of the athletes, coupled with the efforts of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Brazil is solidifying its position in second place on the medals table.

Riade, Arábia Saudita, 28.11.2023 - Presidente da República, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, desembarca em Riade, Arábia Saudita. Foto: Ricardo Stuckert/PR

Lula heads to COP 28 in Dubai, visits three other countries

His itinerary includes visits to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Germany, where he will discuss matters of national interest and engage with business leaders in pursuit of investments for Brazil.

Dinheiro, Real Moeda brasileira
Foto:José Cruz/Agência Brasil/Arquivo

Brazil’s federal tax revenue totals BRL 215.6 bi in October

The result represents a real increase of 0.1 percent from October 2022. January through October, tax collection reached BRL 1.9 tri—a real decrease of 0.68% against the first ten months last year.

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) 25/11/2023 – Protesto lembra mulheres vítimas de feminicídio, em Copacabana, no Dia Internacional pela Eliminação da Violência contra a Mulher. Foto: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil
Human Rights

Protesters in Copacabana call for end to violence against women

On the promenade of Rio’s Copacabana Beach, 164 pairs of women’s shoes laid out side by side represented the victims of femicide. In the state of Rio de Janeiro, cases totaled 111 in 2022 and 53 in the first half of this year.

Indústrias, fábricas,Obras de construção, edifício sede do SENAI,construção civil

Brazilian industry takes action to step up sustainability

A survey shows that most of Brazil’s industrial companies have adopted measures to reduce the generation of solid waste, optimize energy consumption, and make water use more efficient.

Yuki Roberto fatura ouro no parabadminton no Parapan de Santiago, em 25/11/2023

Brazil achieves best Parapan campaign with 343 podium finishes

Closing out the competition on Sunday (Nov. 26), cycling and badminton secured the final medals for Brazil, claiming five gold and six silver podium finishes.

Brasília (DF) 26/11/2023 A deputada eleita e Chanceler designada pelo governo Milei, Diana Mondino, encontra-se em Brasília, para reunião de trabalho com o Ministro Mauro Vieira. Na ocasião, entregou convite do Presidente eleito Javier Milei para que o Presidente Lula participe da sua posse, em 10/12. Foto Facebook

Foreign ministers of Brazil and Argentina aim for Mercosur progress

Although Milei initially advocated for Argentina's departure from the economic bloc during his campaign, he later shifted his stance to only proposing changes.